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Toggle meow's Commentary

Hey guys. As of writing (November 2023), I still have not played Life Is Strange: True Colors. I am a fake fan. :3

You have NO idea how psyched I was to learn that Steph would be returning for LIS:TC. And she'd get her very own DLC episode!!! On learning that she worked as a radio jockey, my brain immediately jumped to thinking up what sort of doofy stuff she'd say on air. One thing led to another, and by October 2021, I had this whole "sim" programmed.

I initially programmed this in Python. But of course, in order to plant this somewhere, I converted the code to Javascript (with significant help from DuckDuckGo because I did not know any Javascript). Couldn't put it on Tumblr, couldn't put it on AO3. So I let it languish for a year and a half, until I made this site. Finally this goofy little programing project sees the light of day!